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Salida Public Works along with the Parks and Recreation Department will be starting improvements to Holman Avenue and Centennial Park by the end of this month. These renovations are part of the new City of Salida Parks and Recreation Open Space and Trail Master Plan.

The roadwork on Holman Avenue will include:

  • A new sidewalk along Holman Avenue in Centennial Park
  • Parallel parking along Holman Avenue
  • A sidewalk from Holman Avenue to the Hot Springs Aquatic Center
  • Upgraded traffic controls
  • On-street gutter and curb installations
  • Realignment of K Street at Holman Avenue

The improved access to the Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center will include:

  • Increased parking at the Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center
  • Increased ADA accessibility
  • Paving the access road behind the Hot Springs Aquatic Center
  • Paving and parking behind the Chamber of Commerce building

The new recreational opportunities at Centennial Park will include:

  • Two new regulation sand volleyball courts
  • Shade structure for the Ice Rink
  • New 14,000 square foot Skate Park
  • Additional trees being planted

The city anticipates the majority of work will be done from September to November. While improvements are underway, access to K Street from Holman Avenue and the Hot Springs Aquatic Center parking lot from I Street will be limited.  The Recycling Center may be moved temporarily for a one to two-week period if access becomes restricted. Site preparations will include the demolition of abandoned sidewalks, the old volleyball court and the basketball court.

Centennial Park preparations will occur in November with the Skate Park following in December. Playgrounds will have snow fencing to control access points so that they are usable and safe. The City reminds the community that if an area is completely blocked off with no access point, it is for their safety.