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On June 28, 2022, the Chaffee City of Salida and Chaffee Housing Authority’s “Open Doors” joint workforce housing program moved one step closer to welcoming its first rental tenants.

Mike Bischoff (left) Deputy Director of the Chaffee Housing Authority and Bill Almquist (City of Salida) continue to take notes and inspect the largest “Open Doors” workforce housing rental RV at Salida RV Resort Park. Merrell Bergin photo

Five late-model RV units of varying sizes, layouts and sleeping capacities were checked out by Salida’s Community Development Director Bill Almquist and Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) Deputy Director Mike Bischoff before being moved on-site at the brand-new, about to open, Salida RV Resort Park on the east edge of town.

“We’re eager to get the word out and to start getting the workforce, both existing and new, into these “homes” regardless of how temporary or permanent their stay may be” said Salida’s Community Development Director Bill Almquist.

Dylan Roberts unfolds one of the beds in the largest workforce housing rental units at “Open Doors” site. Salida RV Resort Park as Bill Almquist looks on. Merrell Bergin photo

In a June 9 email to area employers, CHA Director Becky Gray outlined the program designed to ease the housing crunch for existing or newly-hired employees seeking immediate shelter.

This is a pilot program called “Open Doors”, which is designed to link members of the local workforce with affordable rental units. Tenant applicants must be sponsored and referred by their employer.

“Employers are asked to participate in the program by referring employees in need of such housing and by agreeing to pay for the administration of this program via a fee per employee/per month for the duration of their employee’s lease. If this administration fee is a barrier to your business participating, please reach out to me directly to discuss possible alternative arrangements”, said Gray.

Open Doors workforce housing rental RVs now on site at Salida RV Resort Park, awaiting the project’s Certificate of Occupancy. Bill Almquist photo

Employers and employees should contact the Chaffee Housing Authority if interested in applying to have their employees rent them. It’s important to get tenant applicants started through the verification process right away, as the RV’s may be ready for occupancy as soon as July 8. While up to ten RV’s are possible, the first five, already on-site will be quickly rented.

Almquist also noted that a goal of Phase 2 of the “Open Doors” program involves converting up to ten vacation homes and STRs to long-term rentals.

That aspect of the program may start up during the fall to help with shoulder-winter season housing needs and it involves the same application process. If employers know of their upcoming needs, they are encouraged to apply for those slots now.

Contact CHA: Phone: 719-530-2590, email: or, or via traditional mail at PO Box 699, Salida, Colorado 81201.

Featured image: Five of the Open Doors workforce housing rental RVs are now on site at Salida RV Resort Park, awaiting the project’s Certificate of Occupancy. Bill Almquist photo