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Have you recently sold your vehicle? We have a form for that.

You can release the liability on a vehicle you’ve sold by filling out a form from our office or you can do this online at This is not a requirement, but It can save you from being held liable if the vehicle doesn’t get transferred into the buyer’s name in a timely manner.

Did your plate get stolen or did you lose it four-wheeling? We have a form for that.

Give our office a call and we will direct you on how to get this replaced. Fees vary depending on plate.

Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder Lori Mitchell.

Lost title? We have a form for that.

You can get a Duplicate Title Request form online by searching “Colorado form DR 2539A”. As long as the title is currently in your name, without a lien holder, we can set you up with a duplicate title! Fill in the form completely and provide a payment of $8.20. It’s as easy as that! If you are not able to print the form, you can apply online at

Have a vehicle that you are not using so you are not insuring? We have a form for that!

The State of Colorado requires that you register any vehicle that you own, whether it’s being operated on the roads or not. If you need to renew a vehicle that is not being operated and that you are presently not insuring, you do have the option of filling out an Affidavit of Non-use of vehicle insurance form (DR 2303).

This form is time-specific and you must present it at the time of renewing your registration. This completed form, including your signature (under the penalty of perjury), replaces the requirement of insurance, as long as it is not being used.

Please note: If your vehicle becomes operational, you are required to provide insurance. Feel free to reach out to our office with additional questions, 719-539-4004 in Salida and 719-395-8296 in Buena Vista.

Our offices in Salida and Buena Vista are now open for in-person transactions. We are always happy to assist you!

REMINDER: We do not do driver’s licenses in our offices. If you are looking to make an appointment with the Driver’s License office, please call 720-295-2965.