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A name change on Feb. 1 changed the name, but not the mission, of Collegiate Peaks Bank. Friday it became a part of Glacier Bank, operating as Collegiate Peaks Bank, Division of Glacier Bank.

While the financial institution is becoming part of a larger operation, the people and faces that customers see every day won’t change, said Burke Kaiser, president of the mountain region.

From its base in Montana, Glacier Bank operates 15 divisions with 150 banking facilities. Its presence is primarily western. It provides commercial banking services in 91 communities in the Rockies and beyond, including a strong presence in Montana, Idaho, Utah, Washington, Colorado and Wyoming.

“Customers can expect business as usual,” said Kaiser. “Our name may change, but you will see no change in the individuals who greet you and help you.”

The company says that the change-over offers benefits for customers and the community, including increased business lending capacity and enhanced mobile banking services. Beginning in August, it will distribute informational packets about system upgrades, as well as new products and services that customers will begin to see in September.

The financial institution operates two Collegiate Peaks Banks in the mountains, with its headquarters in Buena Vista, a branch in Salida and three branches in the Denver metro area. All five locations will now be known as Collegiate Peaks Bank, Division of Glacier Bank.