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Ark Valley Voice is in the midst of NewsMatch —  our most important give campaign of the year — and probably the most important since we launched in March, 2018.

With Colorado Gives Day coming up tomorrow, we are hopeful that readers will include us in this special day, helping us make our match challenge. If we can raise $15,000 in local donations by the end of 2022 — the Institute for Nonprofit News through the Lenfest Institute will match that amount — doubling every single gift. This means that every donation matters twice as much — every gift will go twice as far.

As of this morning, Ark Valley Voice is grateful to report that we have reached $7,500 in 100 percent tax-deductible community donations. We are halfway to our $15,000 goal and our gratitude to our readers is heartfelt. Just as important as the balance we have reached is what this means in community support. Most of the donations so far have come in small donations; ranging from $6.00 or $12.00 per month to $25.00 or $50.00, one-time gifts.

Your support means the world to us. As a small, nonprofit news organization, we work on a shoestring and donations help fund the most important role in a news organization — the dedicated journalists who bring local news to you six days a week. They include reporters covering local government, a Water Fellow, a Senior Reporter on health news, reporters covering the work of the region’s nonprofits, and important business developments, and an investigative reporter who searches for the answers to make sure that truth has a voice.

Over the weekend, AVV got word that a $1,500 match donation has been pledged to us this week — if we can raise another $1,500 in individual donations it will lock this $1,500 match for a total of $3,000 toward the campaign goal.

Every single donation of any amount signifies your support for free, local, fact-based news. In a free and democratic society, AVV’s work is to safeguard the right of the public to information it needs to act reasonably, doing our part to assure the government transparency and accountability necessary to the people  in a democracy. When you make a tax-deductible donation in any amount to AVV, you’re doing your part for democracy.

“Keep up the great work,” read one note that arrived in the mail. “We believe in AVV.”

“Your work is so important,” read another note. “We count on AVV for the facts; even when the news isn’t good — we know it’s the truth.”

Ark Valley Voice is #NewsCONeeds. Thank you for your trust and Happy Colorado Gives Day.