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The 73rd General Assembly might be adjourned until Feb. 5, but the work they did in the few brief weeks they were physically at the Colorado Capitol has already become law. Last Thursday, Jan. 21 Governor Jared Polis signed five bills into law.

Reductions Certain Taxpayers’ Income Tax Liability- Sponsored by Representatives Mike Weissman and Emily Sirota and Senators Dominick Moreno & Chris Hansen
Colorado Uniform Electronic Wills Act- Sponsored by Representatives Marc Snyder & Matt Soper and Senators Bob Gardner & Pete Lee

Modify COVID-19 Relief Programs For Small Business- Sponsored by Representatives Leslie Herod and Shane Sandridge and Senators Faith Winter and Kevin Priola
Extending Limitations On Debt Collection Actions- Sponsored by Representative Leslie Herod and Senators Faith Winter & Julie Gonzales
Recreate Occupational Therapy Practice Act- Sponsored by Representatives David Ortiz  & Colin Larson and Senators Rhonda Fields and Chris Holbert