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A survey announced this week by the State of Colorado Office of Outdoor Recreation will be focused on obtaining practical input to assess the economic impact of  the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic’s impact on tourism in central Colorado mountain communities is already severe. With the summer season approaching, the Outdoor Recreation Industry COVID-19 Impact Survey will help assess the damage and provide valuable data to begin planning a recovery effort.

The Outdoor Recreation Industry Office survey will provide an initial measurement of the economic impact on the state’s outdoor recreation businesses. Answers will help ensure that that the industry category  is represented and included in short and long-term economic recovery efforts undertaken by the State at the federal level.

“It is critical that we have insight into the economic impact the crisis is having on the outdoor recreation industry,’ reads their request. “To stabilize the industry, we need your input on steps we can take to help employees, businesses and communities in the days, weeks and months ahead.

The Colorado Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry is asking the community to share this survey with your friends and partners in the industry, saying “the more data we collect, the better informed our decisions will be moving forward.”

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