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The Colorado Republican Committee announced this morning that a judge has granted the organization’s motion to intervene in the September 7 lawsuit brought by a bipartisan group of Colorado voters to block the addition of assumed GOP presidential candidate former President Donald Trump from the Colorado ballot. The decision will allow the Colorado Republican Party to be a party to the lawsuit.

State GOP Chair Dave Williams. Image courtesy of 9News.

The judge also set the trial date for October 30, and it is expected to last five days. The resulting decision will determine whether or not Trump’s name will be on the ballot (or if not Trump, another Republican candidate) for the March 5, 2024, Super Tuesday vote in Colorado.

“The Colorado Republican Party could not stand idly by as a lawsuit was filed last week to undermine our party’s nomination process by blocking President Donald J. Trump from appearing on the Colorado Republican Primary Ballot,” said Colorado Republican Party Chair Dave Williams in a message to the party.

The move means that Colorado Republicans can now file briefs, produce evidence, and challenge the other side in this case and at trial. It has retained legal representation from the American Center for Law & Justice, headed by Jay Sekulow.

Obviously, as Williams has pointed out, the fight is going to take money and time. “We can’t let anyone disenfranchise voters and work with Democrats to weaponize our judicial system,” he concluded.