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Colorado has seen a surge of COVID-19 cases the past week with 164,000 cases as of November 16. Many schools have elected to return to online and remote learning to keep students, as well as staff, safe.

Starting November 16, Adams 12 Five Star Schools have sent all students to remote learning through the end of the fall semester. The district hopes to offer in-person support for students with special needs, English language learners, and those with advanced academic needs.

Adams County School District 14 has been on remote learning since the start of the school year with plans to continue through the end of the fall semester.

Aurora Public Schools have transitioned all students to remote learning through the end of the semester. Currently, most students are attending classes virtually while preschoolers, kindergarteners, special needs students, district newcomers, and Pickens Technical College students will transition fully into remote learning on November 30.

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Boulder Valley School District will shift their entire student body to virtual education on November 17. They plan to be in remote learning until at least January 5. The district plans on reevaluating case data after Thanksgiving in hopes of bringing back students with intensive special needs.

Cherry Creek School District has moved all students to remote learning for the foreseeable future. On November 10, middle and high school students transitioned to remote learning with elementary students following on November 16. The district will wait for a seven to 14-day sustained COVID-19 trend improvement before reopening in-person learning.

Denver Public Schools early childhood education, kindergarten, first and second graders all currently are attending in-person full time. Third through fifth grade are in remote learning with hopes to bring them back to in-person learning this semester. Sixth through 12th graders will continue remote learning through the end of the small semester

Douglas County School District will move all students to remote learning on November 30, and moved high schools to remote learning as of Nov. 9.

Jeffco Public Schools will move all students except for preschool to remote learning. Grades six through 12 began online learning on November 16. Starting November 30, kindergarten through fifth grades will move to remote learning. Students with special needs in all grade levels are eligible to continue in-person learning.

Littleton Public Schools have also moved all student to remote learning. The district predicts students will continue online learning through December 18 — the end of the fall semester — with hopes of beginning in-person learning if COVID-19 conditions improve.

Westminster Public School will shift to remote learning until the end of the fall semester. The district had planned to return to in-person learning, but changed plans due to the current rise in COVID-19 cases.

Local schools continue in stark contrast to what is occurring in schools statewide.

The Buena Vista School District currently has all its schools in-person. A third grade class at Avery Parsons Elementary is quarantined and on remote learning until next Friday. Additionally, less than 20 middle school students are currently quarantined and on remote learning until next Friday. The district continues to monitor and evaluate cases with the support of Chaffee County Public Health.

The Salida School District is currently in in-person learning. The district says that it is keeping a close eye on COVID-19 cases and utilizing the quarantine strategy when cases arise to keep schools in-person as long as possible. Its success, it says is also reliant on working hand in hand with Chaffee County Health to mitigate spread.