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As spring rolls into the Rockies, the warm weather is accompanied by pandemic recovery. Vaccine distribution continues to expand, with those age 16 and up now eligible for COVID-19 vaccination across the state.

Courtesy of Solvista Health and the Colorado Spirit Program.

Solvista Health’s Colorado Spirit program is continuing to provide counseling and other support services to individuals, families, agencies, and businesses as they navigate the pandemic. Colorado Spirit’s team can help businesses and their employees balance their work and personal life, adjust to pandemic-related changes, and new norms in the workplace. The team is also assisting at multiple vaccination sites in Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, and Lake Counties to support local agencies.

Colorado Spirit offers a number of services to those in need, from self-care resources and tips to free counseling and support. Their online tool, MyStrength, offers resources that help users handle stress and anxiety, recharge their mood, and engage with their goals.

As communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic mentally as well as physically, Colorado Spirit and Solvista are focused on resilience, setting four starting steps:

  • Build connections and relationships with others: Prioritize spending time with friends and family, or consider joining a group with whom you share beliefs, interests, or purpose.
  • Establish healthy physical and mental habits: Keeping active is a good way to improve mental and physical health, so try setting aside 30 minutes each day to move. Make sure your diet is consistent and balanced, including protein, healthy carbs, fruits, vegetables, and lots of water. Practice staying in the present by making time to put aside your phone and other distractions. Focus on your thoughts and feelings without judging yourself and consider trying journaling, meditation, breathing exercises, or prayer to establish a sense of self-awareness.
  • Avoid negative outlets: Focus on establishing healthy habits and connections that support coping and growth through difficult periods. While alcohol, drugs, and other substances may be tempting, they don’t support healthy navigation through hardships.
  • Set goals: Set reachable goals that give you something to work on each day, even if they’re small steps, to get closer to your goal.

Community members can visit Solvista Health’s Facebook page to watch two recent programs centered on resilience and healthy habits. Solvista Health also offers a Mental Health First Aid course to introduce participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental health issues.

Those interested should call to talk with a counselor or schedule a virtual presentation. For more information or to connect with the Colorado Spirit Team, visit their website,, or call 719-275-2351.