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Annual Parody Highlights Responsibilities of Parents and Motorists

Halloween is now less than one week away and the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) is delivering a special video message to parents and motorists to keep our trick-or-treaters out of the ‘Danger Zone’.

According to CSP, not all of their troopers aspire to be like Maverick, a.k.a. Sgt. Kessler in the movie “Top Gun”, but he feels the need … the need for a safe holiday and is happy to use a little humor to remind drivers of their responsibilities while behind the wheel.

Slowing down and scanning the road are good tips while driving through any neighborhood or busy downtown areas. But this is particularly important on a high pedestrian night filled with excited children who may or may not be practicing safety skills like using a crosswalk or crossing at an intersection.

Parents also have a role to play by teaching their kids about being a safe pedestrian — especially at times when they are tempted to ignore those rules, like when hanging out with friends.

This special video message was released at 4:30 p.m. Monday, October 24, on Colorado State Patrol’s social media pages.

“We hope Coloradoans watch and share this Halloween message to encourage our neighbors and friends to use safe practices while driving that keep our trick-or-treaters healthy and injury-free,” concluded their video message.

Here’s the Preview – CLICK HERE