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Courtesy image of Colorado State Patrol cruiser.

The Colorado State Patrol is in a friendly-yet-competitive battle among the U.S. state police agencies, they have dubbed “the 2023 Best Looking Cruiser Contest”.

“We think the Colorado State Patrol’s Trooper vehicles are the snazziest on the roadways, and we’re calling upon individuals who have a keen eye for style to vote in the nationwide contest hosted by the American Association of State Troopers,” said Colorado State Patrol Chief Colonel Matthew C. Packard.

The contest began as a friendly competition between state agencies. But now it is proving to be a fun and engaging way to allow community members from across the U.S. to support and interact with law enforcement in a positive manner. Even if you don’t vote (and the Colorado State Patrol hopes you do), scrolling through the photos is a visual treat — not just for the patrol cars, but the scenery in which they are photographed.

“This annual contest is a fun way to engage individuals across the nation for some friendly competition and to show the lighter side of law enforcement,” said Colonel Matthew C. Packard, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “Our vehicles are our offices. They’re distinct, unique, and embody what it means to be in Colorado by being both rugged and beautiful,” said Packard.

Voting is open until at 10:00 a.m. Monday, July 31 (MDT). Click HERE to view all entries and cast your vote for Colorado. Or, visit the AAST Facebook page for more details. Agency rankings will be posted on the Facebook page daily. The winner will be presented with the “Best Looking Cruiser Award” and will be featured on the cover of the AAST’s “Best Looking Trooper Cruisers 2024 Wall Calendar.

It will be available for purchase at beginning October 1, 2023.

The Colorado State Patrol’s rich 88-year history is rooted in ensuring a safe and secure environment for Colorado’s residents and visitors, expressed in its Core Values: of Honor, Duty and Respect.