The Chaffee County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) held their routine meeting Tuesday morning, July 16 in Buena Vista.

The BoCC approved a liquor license application for a new restaurant known as ‘Robin’s’ after hosting a public hearing to discuss the approval. Owner Shawn Dill, was present. No members of the community participated in the hearing.

The previous business that occupied the lot where Robin’s is located had a liquor license that is now expired.

The BoCC also held a lengthy discussion with Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze and Chaffee County Emergency Medical Services Director Josh Hadley regarding the potential for a new joint-facility.

Chaffee County currently owns two acres off Gregg Drive near Buena Vista. With the growth of the county and personnel that is stretched thin, both Hadley and Spezze advocated strongly for a new facility.

“There’s a lot of factors that are playing into this discussion from our agency,” said Hadley. “Right now, regarding transfers, I’ve got guys burning both ends of the candle. It’s happening over 25 times per month.”

Hadley also highlighted Chaffee County EMS response time is a casualty of too few personnel and inadequate facilities to maintain response times.

“We are exceeding the national average [in response] time. I want to mitigate that,” said Hadley.

Spezze echoed Hadley’s sentiments; detailing the sheriff department’s need for secure storage and adequate office space.

“I have equipment all over the county because I have no secure storage,” explained Spezze. “I have a crime-scene van one place. I’ve got an evidence van someplace else, and they aren’t in secure locations.”

Currently, the sheriff’s department and EMS use a facility south of Buena Vista on Antero Circle. Though the facility offers garage space, it lacks most other capacities.

“We can’t get internet there,” said Spezze. “I have officers going north to south to complete reports. That’s an issue.”

The idea of a new joint-facility has been floating around for years, said Hadley. “There is a schematic drawing already done. Over two-thirds of the building is bay-space, and would not be a huge financial impact.”

The BoCC decided to pursue the topic and revisit further details in the late fall. In the meantime, the BoCC and county staff will map out options for grant funding and official schematics.

The BoCC also approved the bid for Prostripe West to re-stripe the airport runway and taxi lanes at Harriet Alexander Airfield. The total cost of the project amounts to $21,120.

“About every four years we’re looking to re-stripe the airport. Most of the lines out there on the runways and taxi-lanes have been scraped off,” said Airport Manager Zechariah Papp.

Re-striping at the airport is a safety requirement, a fact Papp emphasized to the BoCC.

“The 1,000-foot markers are what you’re shooting for to land,” said Papp. “The center line markers help keep you on the runway, especially in night operations.”

According to Papp, $1 per square foot of re-striping is a very reasonable price. Proline West bid the project at 0.85 cents per square foot. Proline West has experience at the field; it also completed this project at Harriet Alexander Airfield in 2015.