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Chaffee County Commissioners will begin their 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 12 regular meeting considering recommendations from the planning commission, including a recommendation adjusting Section 7.8.22 of the Land Use Code to allow retail centers for medical/retail marijuana in the county industrial zones.

Commissioners will consider two issues with long-term and county-wide importance. They will discuss appointments to the Chaffee County Common Ground Commission, which will administer the funds raised by the 0.25 percent tax approved by voters for Ballot Issue 1A.

Commissioners will also hold a discussion on options for managing residential growth in unincorporated Chaffee County. The time frame of concern is the period while the county works through the process of extensive revision of the Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan, and the process of subsequent amendments to the Chaffee County Land Use Code.

The meeting will include a public hearing for the Heritage Water Exemption for the El Ranch Vaquero subdivision exemption, and an executive session related to the county’s participation in the opioid class action suit.