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Poncha Springs Community Garden (Courtesy of Poncha Springs Community Garden)

The Town of Poncha Springs Board of Trustees meeting took place, Oct. 28, in the town hall. Volunteer Bret Collyer updated trustees on the Community Garden. In addition to the community garden update, Collyer requested additional funding for the garden in the 2020 budget, establishing an agreement with the town to share the cost of a garden administrator and caretaker.

This past growing season, only nine of the 16 Community Garden plots were used.

This has led the garden community members to believe some work needs to be done alongside the property edges to create greater curb appeal. Volunteers with the Poncha Springs Community Garden have predicted that since “the town is growing exponentially…[there is a] need for activities and facilities to enhance a continued feeling of community is going to be large.”

Collyer expressed that with anticipated additional users of the community garden, there will be a greater need to establish a working relationship between the town government and the community garden. He said the community garden is working to establish a volunteer board of directors, in addition to frequently reporting to the Town of Poncha Springs Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees expressed interest in budgeting funds to cover the costs of a community garden administrator and caretaker, in addition to covering the cost of water for one year that goes into the maintenance of the garden. The board passed a motion in favor of funding the Community Garden $1,600 in the 2020 budget.