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Students from Horizon’s Exploratory Academy (HEA) will be sharing what they have learned and their experiences from their first semester at Salida’s alternative high school. Community members are welcome to stop by HEA on Thursday, December 2, 2021 from 4:30-6 p.m. at 310 E. 9th Street.

Topics are selected by the students and stretch from guitar and woodworking, to poetry and street art, reflecting their wide variety of interests. Students are excited to share their work with their peers and community and provide a window into HEA and its program.

Masks are required for all guests and participants in Salida schools.

HEA is designed for students who seek and need freedom of education and challenges students at all skill levels. Not everyone fits into a traditional school, as individual needs can vary greatly between students.

At Horizons, all students develop an individualized learning plan in which their goals and aspirations are the centermost aspect. From there, they develop a plan to graduate not just with the required classes, but with a solid foundation that they can take with them.

For additional information please contact Kim LeTourneau at 719-530-5225 or