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Jamie Gregory of Vino Salida Wine Cellars is featured in a message created in partnership with the Chaffee County 2020 Census, reminding community members to participate in the 2020 census and why it is so important.

The census will positively impact the community in many ways, from school funding to transportation projects and funding for the Department of Human Services, but this video speaks specifically to the impact of the census on Colorado’s vineyards.

Colorado has 150 licensed wineries, including 20 cideries and 12 meaderies, scattered largely across the western parts of the state. Chaffee County is proud to call Vino Salida Wine Cellars one of our home-grown wineries. Vino Salida is unique in that it sources all its grapes and ingredients within the state.

Gregory talks about how the census plays into water monitoring and control systems, something significant for Colorado’s vineyards and wine drinkers alike.

Click to watch the video below.