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Construction on the eastern side of Cottonwood Pass on CR 306 will continue through September and into early fall with one-lane traffic and traffic delays. Kirkland Construction finished the striping work on the newly paved road west of CR 321 to CR 342 and recently began resetting mail boxes and installing sign bases. Work on the road shoulders will continue into the week of Sept. 17.

Paving and installation of conduit work continues on road areas at the top of the pass as crews try to stay ahead of the season’s changing weather conditions. The contractor reports that it has road paving work in various stages of completion on nine of the project’s 18 total miles of paved road. At lower elevations this will result in traffic delays that may stretch up to 20 minutes at a time.

Final preparations are being made to the grades at the bottom of the pass within the closure area east of Denny Creek, continuing to the top of the pass. As has been previously reported, the Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide trail are open, but travelers on the Continental Divide Trail cannot access the road beyond that point. The road from Avalanche parking area to the top of the pass also remains closed.