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The reconstruction of the Cottonwood Pass east side project, CR 306, is continuing on pace, and road closures and traffic stops continue in effect. The roadway from the Avalanche Trailhead Parking Area to the summit remains closed to all public traffic, including automobiles, bicycles and pedestrians.


Kirkland Construction, which won the bid on the project, began asphalt pulverization Monday, June 25,  on the lower three and one-half miles of CR 306 beginning at the intersection of CR 321 and continuing west. This week they began installing conduit along the roadway, replacing asphalt along the road. They also began work reinforcing the embankment on the shoulder of the road.


The road construction requires one-lane road configurations toward the bottom of the pass on the Buena Vista side. Wait times are projected to be no more than 20 minutes duration. The construction group has installed signage along the CR 306 roadway to notify users of future delays, and a pilot car is in use to help users maneuver through the construction zone.


Both the Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide Trail remain open, but hikers are advised that once construction at the summit begins in earnest, they will not be accessible from CR 306.  


Jordan Williams, public information officer, said after that work is complete, the construction company will begin work at the top of the pass, working their way down the pass. Small sections of asphalt will be removed and replaced all along the length of the project. Information about the project and current road conditions are available at .