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Construction on the C.R. 306 Cottonwood Pass project is under way. The construction contractor, Kirkwood Construction, is in the beginning stages of work on the 18.5 miles of road, beginning at C.R. 321 and continuing up to the summit of the pass. Early work includes erosion control, land surveying and widening the shoulder between county roads 342 and 321.

“This project is scheduled to go into late fall, but Kirkland Construction is aiming to complete the project as quickly as possible,” said Public Information Officer Jordan Williams. “Right now they are surveying and getting their asphalt batch plant set up in Buena Vista. They will be starting construction activities late in the week of May 29.

Williams confirmed that all public traffic on the east side of Cottonwood Pass will remain open to all roads, and there are no closures anticipated for the rest of the month. Traffic will include vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian access to all roads, the national forests, bridges, parking lots and passes. She noted that the west side of the pass remains closed due to the construction.

Any road closures or traffic restrictions will be posted in advance. Those looking for more information on the project can go to the Federal Highway Administration website.