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The June 21 regular session of the Salida City Council came to order immediately after the work session ended at 6:00 p.m. A link to the YouTube livestream of the combined sessions is here.

To begin, Public Works Director David Lady offered the welcome news that the city had just received a $700,000 Department of Local Affairs/EIAS grant that together with significant cost reduction efforts, closed the gap on a potential funding shortage for the Pasquale Springs Water Treatment Plant improvement project.

After passing the Consent Agenda and there being no persons requesting to speak during Citizen Comment, the Council proceeded to hold a public hearing on Ordinance 2022-09 to update and bolster the city’s ability to respond in emergency situations.  With no public comment on the ordinance, the motion to adopt it on Final Reading passed unanimously. That led to just one New Business item:

Salida City Council members Dominique Naccarato, Justin Critelli, Mayor Dan Shore Jane Templeton, Alisa Pappenfort and Harald Kasper pictured in April, 2022 work session. Not shown, but attending virtually is Council Member Mike Pollock. Merrell Bergin photo

Council Adopts Salida City Historic Survey Plan With Resolution 2022-28

After a brief introduction by Senior Planner Kristi Jefferson, consultants Jake Lloyd and Kristi Miniello presented an overview of the recently finalized City Historic Survey Plan. With more than a decade since the last major effort, an update was due.  More than just an assessment of past, neighborhood-specific surveys of historic structural assets, the new survey looks to the future.

It helps target future intensive surveys, aids the city in obtaining grants, and provides a guidance tool for the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). Further, the Plan considers the entire city; suggests priorities for future new surveys, estimates of their costs and provides a framework for a cohesive approach for future work.

Council members then accepted the results, expressing gratitude for the thoroughness of the study, saying they felt it would be a valuable tool going forward.

After brief reports from council members and the Mayor, the Treasurer provided the April Sales Tax and Budget versus Actual reports before concluding the public session. At approximately 6:40 p.m. the council approved a motion to go into a scheduled Executive Session.  The purpose of that session was to discuss a potential real estate acquisition.