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In one interrelated motion, Chaffee County Commissioners approved an intricate ownership change requested by Berlin International LLC, whose grow operations in Chaffee County are known as Pure Greens. The three licenses, valid both in the state of Colorado and Chaffee County, cover their medical marijuana-infused product, their recreational marijuana cultivation operation, and their recreational infused extraction license, which operates under the Pure Greens and V3 Oils brands. The motion, by Commissioner Greg Felt and seconded by Commissioner Keith Baker, passed unanimously.

“We currently own three licenses for three aspects of the operation,” explained Operations Director Georgeann Craig. “We’re applying for a change of ownership removing Berlin O’Butler from all three state licenses. One person is dropping out of the existing ownership structure.”

Pure Greens is located at 7800 CR 152 in the Smeltertown area. Craig explained that the intricate ownership changes, which must be done in a certain order, as dictated by Colorado law. The company will return to Chaffee County again to request ownership name additions to the same licenses as a follow-up step. Per Chaffee County license regulations for both medical and retail marijuana facilities, the process does not require a public hearing.

In other county business, commissioners unanimously approved a Department of Local Affairs Small Business Enabler Project grant. The county will function as the pass-through agent for $21,000 in grant funds. The Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation will take the lead in implementing the grant and completing the report back to the county.

Commissioners approved resolution 2018-51 for the Crossroads Minor Subdivision exemption. The exemption had been postponed from the Sept. 11 commissioners meeting.

In a separate move, commissioners moved unanimously to rescind the Hecla Crossing Minor subdivision. Commissioners learned the property is affected by a court-ordered divorce proceeding that deems the parcel to be marital property and requires the entire property be sold in one piece. The original request to subdivide was made by one of the parties, which represented herself as the sole trustee on the application docs, but an attorney for her former spouse said he hadn’t consented to the subdivision. The motion 2018-50, made by Felt, rescinded resolution 2017-7.