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An important agenda item for the 9 a.m. May 15 Chaffee County Commissioners regular meeting will be consideration of a memorandum of understanding regarding a fire response agreement between the South Arkansas Fire Protection District and the Chaffee County Fire Protection District. The agreement is focused on the potential adjustment of boundary lines between the two fire protection districts, each one a separate political subdivision organized under the state’s Special District Act.

While SAFPD functions in a roughly two-mile “bubble” around Salida, most of it falling within Chaffee County, a small segment of that radius extends into Fremont County. Created in 1963, it is much older than the CCFPD, which was organized in 1976 as the Northern Chaffee County Fire Protection District.

The CCFPD’s initial area mirrored the area covered by the Buena Vista School District. Then in 1984, its jurisdiction was expanded into southern parts of the county, including Poncha Springs, changing its name. It now operates from six stations throughout Chaffee County, with its main station in Buena Vista.

The boundaries of the CCFPD now follow Chaffee County’s boundary lines with the exception of Salida, the town of Buena Vista and a patchwork of subdivisions outside the city limits of Salida including Pinion Ridge States, Boot Hill Subdivision, and subdivision properties near Bear Creek. The proposal sorts out that subdivision patchwork of fire districts, aligning coverage so it will be easier for owners to understand to which fire district they belong and making possible efficient delivery of emergency services to their properties.

Also on the agenda, Commissioner Greg Felt will be leading a discussion concerning the Chalk Creek fire mitigation proposal.

The agenda includes two license reviews: one a review of a beer and wine license for Station 24 Cafe, LLC, owned by Sarah and Mark Hammer; and the second, a retail marijuana optional premise cultivation license for Antero Sciences, LLC.