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Chaffee Reaches 61.4 percent Vaccinated Against COVID-19.

Even with incentives ranging from the State’s million dollar giveaway, its $50,000 scholarship drawings for 12 to 17-year-olds, and county incentives from Colorado Parks and Wildlife Passes to brewpub coupons and a drawing for a Monarch season pass, vaccinations have been lagging. President Joe Biden set a goal of  70 percent of eligible Americans vaccinated (with at least one shot) by July 4.

Long-awaited hugs from our grandchildren appear once again to be possible for fully-vaccinated grandparents — but children who cannot yet be vaccinated remain at risk for the highly contagious Delta variant. Photo by Ekaterina Shakharova for Unsplash.

It doesn’t look as if this goal is likely to be met, even though several Northeastern and West coast states — and at least a dozen Colorado counties — have achieved the 70 percent threshold.

While state after state has opened up from pandemic shutdowns and would prefer to pretend that COVID-19 does not exist, health experts continue to warn us that we are not out of the pandemic. Even as vaccinations are lagging, the highly infectious and dangerous COVID-19 Delta variant is growing in the U.S. especially in the southern and mountain west states.

Health experts say that the renewal of social gatherings, festivals, and events, while important for people’s social and mental health, might be aiding the variant surge. In the United Kingdom, where that country had been ahead of the U.S. in stemming the COVID tide, the Delta variant has surged and is now the dominant form of the virus, delaying the reopening of much of the country.

U.S. data also shows that where COVID-19 vaccination rates are low, that cases of the Delta variant are rising. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control now says that within a month, this will be the dominant variant in the U.S.

The COVID-19 pandemic statistics tracked at the State-level vaccination dashboard, include county-level data.

This is the Chaffee County data as of June 16:

  • 20,802 COVID-19 doses administered to Chaffee County residents. Includes ages 12+
  • 61.4 percent of eligible Chaffee County residents have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Includes ages 12+
  • 56.7 percent of Chaffee County residents have been fully immunized with COVID-19 vaccine. Includes ages 12+

Readers should note: BVCC and other state correctional facilities’ vaccination data are not included in the state counts, due to being federal facilities.

AVV readers looking for more state-level information can follow these links:

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The state Vaccine Call Center is open 24 hours day/day, 7 days/week ~ the toll-free number is 1-877-CO VAX CO (1-877-268-2926). Vaccine call center staff are available to answer COVID-19 vaccine-related questions, provide info about vaccine providers across the state, and give general information about COVID-19.