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Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) announced this week that their 2023 Partners in the Outdoors Grant Program is now open to applications.

To be eligible, a partner organization must be a nonprofit organization or a government entity and provide a grant report detailing the use of funds at the closure of the grant cycle.

Projects should be collaborative in nature and address the priority areas identified in our Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP​):

  • Sustainable Access and Opportunity – all Coloradans and visitors benefit from outdoor recreation and conservation.
  • Stewardship – Coloradans and visitors enjoy and care for natural and cultural resources and commit to stewarding them for future generations
  • Land, Water and Wildlife Conservation: Private and public lands and waters are conserved to support sustainable outdoor recreation, the environment and wildlife habitat.
  • Funding the Future – Coloradans and visitors contribute to diverse funding sources that are dedicated to supporting outdoor recreation and conservation.

Matching funds​ (in-kind and/or cash match that are from sources other than CPW) are not required but strongly recommended in order to increase the impact of the Partners in the Outdoors grant funds.

Partners can apply for a grant in an amount of up to $10,000. The application deadline is Monday, March 20, 2023 and the application is available here.

Outdoor Equity Grant Fund Annual Report

In 2022, CPW’s Outdoor Equity Grant Program (OEGP) distributed nearly $3.1 million in awards to support equitable opportunities for youth and their families to experience Colorado’s parks and open spaces, to participate in outdoor recreation, and to engage in conservation activities, career exploration, and outdoor job training.

The program was created in 2021 to serve communities that have traditionally not had access to outdoor recreation. these audiences include: Black, Indigenous, and people of color, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and low-income. It  has distributed 69 grants to youth-serving organizations across the state.