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Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is seeking public input from resident and nonresident big game hunters and stakeholders as they consider policy and regulation changes. These changes may impact how big game hunting licenses are distributed in the state, and feedback will help the agency and the Parks and Wildlife Commission understand whether the current policies need revision.

Photo image behind the Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo courtesy of Rio Blanco Herald Times

Those interested in big game hunting can give their input through a 10-question online Big Game Hunting License Distribution Public Comment Form, which will be followed by a survey and public meetings next year. Feedback gathered will help to identify high-priority topics for CPW to review over the next year. The deadline for submissions is November 22, 2021.

Topics under consideration include allocation for resident and nonresident elk and deer licenses, preference points, weighted points, and over-the-counter elk licenses.

CPW is offering multiple opportunities for public involvement to inform their review from now through the fall of 2022.

  • February and April 2022 – CPW will survey hunters and their perspectives on the above topics and will hold focus groups to support the development of alternative strategies. The Big Game Attitude Survey will be mailed to randomly selected resident and nonresident hunters. They will also have the chance to participate online if they prefer.
  • May and June 2022 – CPW will host stakeholder workshops and public meetings, providing opportunities for review and discussion of possible alternative strategies.
  • September and November 2022 – The Parks and Wildlife Commission will consider proposed policy and regulatory changes and offer additional opportunities for public comment.

More information can be found on the CPW Big Game Hunting License Distribution FAQs or by subscribing to CPW’s Hunting eNews for updated hunting information. For more information on Colorado hunting, visit the CPW Hunt Big Game website or explore the Learn to Hunt Webinar Series.