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Salida Sunrise Rotary sponsored, coordinated, and presented the pilot  financial education program

The pilot financial education program prepares students to set and manage a budget. Courtesy photo.

A pilot program for the Salida School system, “Junior Achievement (JA) Economics for Success” launched yesterday, March 16, at Crest Academy. The program’s goal is to educate students on successful economic life; not just choosing the right career in which to contribute, but how to manage money properly.

Through the program, students learned the importance of education and expertise in job fields. Taking set salaries, they then learned how to budget their money.

Financially, they explored the difference between a debit card and a  credit card, how to invest their savings, how to write checks, and how to use a register to properly track their expenses.

Crest Academy Piloted a Junior Achievement “Economics for Success” program at Crest Academy on March 16, 2023. Courtesy photo.

The Salida Sunrise Rotary says they especially want to thank Nichole Imm and Amy Drengler of High Country Bank and Jami Smith, Alexia Gillespie, and Amanda Wilson of Collegiate Peaks Bank for their program support. They commended the instructors, Mike Harris and Deb Payton, for making the program possible.

Sunrise Rotary also thanked the Crest Academy teachers, Deb Bass-O’Brien, Samantha Bahn, and Courtney Miller, “who opened their doors to ensure the program’s success. Samantha Bahn did a wonderful job coordinating the students and making sure that the audio-visual support was on board.”

“Our hope is to expand this program or a similar program district-wide,” said Salida Sunrise Rotary Junior Achievement COO Deb Payton.