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Salida resident Dan Shore is currently a council member for Ward 1 and is running unopposed for Mayor of Salida in the Nov. 2 coordinated election. Ark Valley Voice spoke with Shore to learn more about his reasons for running and what he hopes to accomplish.

He explained “I am running because I feel like this council — with the critical support of our amazing staff — has made significant progress over the past four years. I believe that with positive momentum comes responsibility. A responsibility to provide continuity and ongoing stability at city hall.”

“A major reason for my running four years ago was witnessing all the turnover at city hall and knowing how much that affected employee morale and institutional memory. I believe we have really talented people working for the city. My intention going forward is to provide them the support so that they can continue to deliver great service to our citizens,” said Shore.

City of Salida’s Mayor Pro Tem Dan Shore (Photo courtesy of the City of Salida)

In regard to his short-term goals, Shore explained “In the short to intermediate-term, we need to have a laser-like focus on addressing our workforce housing issues. The rapid increase in real estate over the past year or so has really exacerbated what was already a major challenge. The people who have been impacted are hugely important to our community. The service they provide helps drive our economy.”

“In addition, they are a major part of what makes Salida such a special place,” he continued. “We need to all work together to figure out how to provide them with more housing stability. I hear from so many businesses about the challenges faced by the lack of housing options and how it impacts their ability to staff their businesses.”

“I would like nothing more than to look back in two to four years and see that we moved the needle on housing in a meaningful way. I would also like to be able to look back and be able to say that we were able to add meaningful amenities to citizens while being financially responsible. I would like to see meaningful progress on addressing equity issues and ensuring that Salida is a safe place for all residents.”

“Another intention will be to continue to pursue eco-friendly initiatives and working to get community buy in from a diverse group of stakeholders,” he added. “My family moved to Salida 11 years ago. We were drawn here by the natural beauty, small-town feel, and sense of community. I spent approximately 30 years as a business development officer for several mutual fund organizations.  The most important lessons I learned that apply directly to public service revolve around the importance of communication and collaboration. While we might not always agree it is possible to find common ground if we are willing to sit down, have hard conversations, and listen to one another.”