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The Salida City Council will meet in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on Dec. 7.  A major topic on the agenda is a proposal to exchange a .9 acre parcel of city-owned land within the Vandaveer Planned Development for an equal sized parcel of privately-owned land.

This will be a first reading of Ordinance 2021-19 and set the date for a public hearing.  There are roughly 97.5 contiguous acres within the Vandaveer Planned Development area, just south of the South Arkansas River, between CR 107 to the west and CR104 to the east.

Proposed .9 acre land exchange at Vandaveer Development area. Image courtesy City of Salida Planning Department

Staff recognizes that there is an opportunity to enhance the potential developability and connectivity of the northeastern portion of the site via a land swap with one of the neighboring properties to the north (owned by Jodie and Barry Snyder and zoned RMU).

The Snyder property extends from Highway 50 in the north all the way across the South Arkansas River and in between city-owned parcels, close to a likely entrance area for future development of the City property.


Staff identified the southern tip of the Snyder property as space that could be used for a variety of purposes down the road, potentially including access and parking for a trail along the southern edge of the South Arkansas River.  There are no significant financial impacts. The City is assuming all survey, title work, and recording expenses (anticipated at less than $5,000).

The Consent Agenda for this meeting includes two items of interest.  One is a proposal to lease space in the FIBArk boathouse building to the Salida Parks and Recreation Department.  The second proposes to award a contract for the Caboose Restoration Project at the F Street bridge turnaround.

Salida Parks and Recreation staff need additional workspace apart from the now-cramped Touber Building.  They and their partners (FIBArk)  feel that this leased use would mirror each organization’s mission and would bring life to the building as staff and the community come and go for business and to sign up for recreation programs.

D&RGW Caboose 0576 currently located at F Street bridge turnaround in Salida. Recipient of State Historical Fund (SHF) planning grants, the caboose is slated for total restoration. Photo courtesy SHF

Historic Caboose Renovations

An allocation of $150,000 for work on the historic caboose is included in the 2022 budget under the Capital Improvement Fund and staff recommends awarding a contract with Klinke & Lew Contractors of Silverton, CO in the amount of $150,000.00 with a total project budget of $175,000.

Work is slated to take a year and will require temporarily relocating the caboose to Silverton.

Other items on the Council agenda include Resolution 2021-42 declaring the 141 Annex Annexation is in substantial compliance with city ordinances and state statutes and setting a public hearing for February 1, 2022.  Applicants Jeff Kriebel, Thomas Clegg and Wendell Winger seek to annex their properties located at 7543 C.R. 141, 7547 C.R. 141 and 7551 C.R. 141.

Finally, Ordinance 2021-20 will be a first reading, Reappointing and Setting Compensation for Cheryl Hardy-Moore as Municipal Court Judge for a Two Year Term Commencing January 1, 2022 and Running Through December 31, 2023.  The expense for this item is within the approved 2022 City Budget and a public hearing date will be set.

City Council meetings continue to allow in-person attendance, primarily for purposes of conducting public hearings or to provide Citizen Comment. The city still requests that those wishing to testify should plan to do so via the GoToWebinar platform or by email or letter.

Anyone who is unvaccinated and who wants to provide testimony or comment must wear a face mask and remain at least six feet away from others both inside and outside of the Council Chambers.’

Click here to watch the meeting virtually.

Featured image: New and returning  Salida City Council members Kasper, Naccarato and Critelli at their November 2021 swearing-in.