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At the Chaffee County Democrats County Assembly, delegates nominated five candidates for county offices, selected 14 delegates to attend the state assembly and passed 43 platform resolutions Saturday, March 17, in Poncha Springs.

Twenty-four delegates, elected during caucuses, nominated candidates for county offices, including Lori Mitchell for clerk and recorder, Kimberly Parker for county commissioner, Susan Shepherd for county treasurer, Lori Boydston for county assessor and Jeff Graf for county coroner. Their names will be placed on the June 26 primary ballot.

County delegates also elected 14 delegates to the Colorado Democrats State Assembly on Friday and Saturday, April 13-14, in Broomfield. Delegates to the state assembly will vote to place candidates on the ballot in statewide races as well as races for House District 60, Congressional District 5 and Senate District 2.

Candidates and surrogates spoke to the Chaffee County delegates during the county assembly. Speaking in person were candidates Erin Kelley, HD60, Kimberly Parker, county commissioner and Jeff Graff, county coroner.

Supporters and campaign staff spoke on behalf of Betty Field and Stephanie Rose Spaulding, competing for the seat now held by Doug Lamborn. Supporters also spoke on behalf of Cary Kennedy (governor); Bernard Douthit (treasurer); Jena Griswold (secretary of state); and Joe Salazar, Phil Weiser and Amy Paden (attorney general).

Delegates also considered resolutions passed in caucuses, and voted to send all 43 to the state assembly for consideration. The resolutions will be combined with resolutions from all Colorado counties and considered by all the state delegates.

Each precinct in Chaffee County submitted several resolutions. Issues receiving unanimous approval include health care as a right, keeping public lands public and restricting domestic abusers from obtaining and keeping firearms.