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On a summer vacation, 187 minutes spent lying on a beach, setting up a pristine campsite with your favorite view of the Continental Divide, or fly-fishing your secret fishing spot has been known to fly by. But 187 minutes doing nothing to stop an armed insurrection aimed at the United States Capitol and American democracy itself is — something else.

The Jan. 6 House Select Committee investigating the insurgency that included the assault on the United States Capitol will hold its final, scheduled public hearing this evening beginning at 6:00 p.m. MDT.

Liz Cheney, Vice-chair of the Jan. 6 House Select Committee investigating the insurrection events will lead tonight’s hearing; Chair Bennie Thompson has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Image courtesy of Washington Post

This “wrap-up” to the summer public hearings will focus on the 187 minutes of inaction by then-President Donald Trump who watched the assault on the Capitol and not only did nothing to stop it but has been reported to have been “gleeful” as it unfolded. That inaction has been reported by the committee, to include sitting alone and watching the event on a television in the Oval Office dining room, as reported by Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to a staffer that he “doesn’t want to do anything to stop it.”

It included refusing to send assistance to the Capitol Police, who were facing what is reported to have been 40,000  “riled-up” Trump supporters, many of them armed, and calling to “Hang Mike Pence.”

Every major mainstream network is expected to broadcast the hearing live, with the possible exception of Fox News, which persists in its false messaging that Trump won the election and that the election was stolen. The opinion network has gone back and forth over how to handle actual news that conflicts with the stance of some of its show hosts. Some such as Tucker Carlson, have been concerned about “how bad the hearings have made the former president look.”