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The Colorado State Patrol is spreading the important message about driving sober this holiday season. Drunk and “high” driving is a problem on our roadways every day, but the opportunities to make a careless mistake increase during the holiday season.

As of November 14, 2023, the Colorado State Troopers organization itself has issued 3,383 impairment citations across the state. (This doesn’t include citations issued by any other law enforcement agency.)

As most people know, gathering with friends and attending a holiday event often includes alcohol and other impairing substances. It takes intentional, proactive effort to build a plan to ensure drivers are not taking unnecessary risks behind the wheel.

“There are absolutely no safe levels of drinking or drug consumption,” said Colorado State Patrol  Chief Col. Matthew C. Packard. “We must stop lying to ourselves that we are ‘fine’ to drive when the whole purpose of consuming these products is to relax or feel euphoric. If you feel different, you drive different.”

The Colorado State Patrol has issued this less-than-a-minute-long video message to the general public to remind you that drinking and driving do not mix now – or any time of the year.

Video – CSP Holiday DUI Message 2023

Colorado State Troopers continue to take a low-tolerance approach to the top fatal crash factors, including lane violations, impaired driving, and speeding, while launching a yearlong campaign called “Drive Safe.” This campaign reminds people to reflect on everything they love and value and plan a sober ride when planning to celebrate.