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Colorado’s e-bike rebate program begins next week

Here in Chaffee County e-bikes might not be as popular as hiking on two good feet, but the state is making getting around town on e-bikes more attractive — which residents and tourists alike seem to welcome. The effort is part of the state’s campaign to reduce pollution from driving.

Segway Electric Dirt Bike for off-road. Courtesy image.

According to Sarah Thorne, who runs the program for the Colorado Energy Office, the goal is to get people out of cars and into fresh air, while lowering exhaust pollution.

The state has set up a lottery that begins this coming Wednesday morning, August 16. Residents who meet income requirements can apply online for a rebate from 9:00 a.m. Wednesday until 1:00 p.m. Monday, August 21, by submitting their name and contact information.

The Colorado Energy Office will post a link for rebate lottery applications at

After a random selection process, approximately 2,000 people will receive up t a  $1,750 rebate in the first round, which  will test how the rebate program operates.

This might not seem like a lot — but it’s a start. Long-range e-bikes can cost upwards of  $2,500 or more. As a state — and a county– promoting what is known as multi-modal forms of transportation, e-bikes have a role to play in getting people out of cars and lowering pollution.

The program is income-based. Coloradans who make 80 percent or less of their county’s median income will receive a $1,100 rebate. Those making between 80 and 100 percent of the median income will receive a $500 rebate.

The state has also made all rebate recipients eligible for an extra $300 for an e-cargo bike and $100 for bike equipment like a helmet and lock. Coloradans with disabilities might also qualify for an additional $250 for adaptive e-bikes.