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The group behind the year-long Chaffee County Envision effort has created an online survey called the Chaffee Pulse 2018 Survey, designed to establish baseline data on residents’ community involvement and attitudes about Chaffee County’s quality of life. Questions address topics such as whether community members know their neighbors, volunteer, and get recognized or see friends when out and about.

County residents have until Oct. 31 to take the anonymous, 10-minute survey at Known as a community checkup, it is one of 40 programs and projects outlined in the Envision Community Action Plan. Chaffee County’s “sense of community” was identified as one of the county’s best assets through the Envision Chaffee County growth planning initiative. According to Envision, participants said they were very concerned about losing the area’s small-town “feel” and friendliness as the population grows.

“We want to recognize that even though the population is changing and growing, we can still maintain this sense of community and what people love about where we live and work,” said Envision volunteer Irv Broudy. According to Broudy, the survey will establish baseline data, and future surveys will be conducted to track and address changes in opinions about sense of community.

According to official estimates, in just two years, from 2015 to 2017, Chaffee County’s population grew 5.6 percent. It is expected to continue to expand as Colorado adds an estimated 1.5 million new residents by 2030.

The survey is part of the Chaffee County Community Checkup (C4), one of 40 programs and projects outlined in the Envision Community Action Plan. It was designed to help attain one of Envision’s four goals, stated as: “Our community remains friendly, engaged and culturally connected.” In the future, C4 will be part of the newly formed Chaffee County Community Foundation’s programs.

Survey participants can provide their email address if they want to receive a copy of the results. The overall Envision Community Action Plan is available at