The Disaster Assistance Center for Decker Fire evacuees, run by Chaffee County Emergency Operations, will be closed starting today. It has been in operation at the Scout Hut in Salida. However, the American Red Cross Evacuation Center at the Scout Hut will continue serving breakfast, lunch and dinner until further notice.

There will be an evacuee briefing meeting with a free dinner beginning at 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 7, at 243 F Street, (Fun Street Arcade).

Sheriff John Spezze and Type 1 fire team representatives will be present to give an update on the fire conditions and outlook and current evacuation situation.

Food for tonight’s evacuee dinner will be donated by Moonlight Pizza, Sweetie’s, Anytime Fitness and Little Cambodia.

For those evacuees who still have not gotten their badge credentials to re-enter their neighborhoods, this is another an opportunity to get re-entry credentials. Other resources for evacuees will also be available at this evening’s event.