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Kim Smoyer of Smoyer and Associates and Carol Guerrero-Murphy of Adams State University will mediate tonight’s forum regarding Salida City Council’s hiring of City Administrator Drew Nelson from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Scout Hut, 210 E. Sackett Ave.

Smoyer and Guerrero-Murphy have provided an overview of the forum, which is titled Facilitated Dialogue: Bridging the Communication Gap.

The facilitators also commented, “We will ask the attendees present at the meeting if they agree to being filmed or taped. If 100 percent concur, then we will support it. The decision to limit filming or taping was made by us to protect all as potentially sensitive personal topics may come up. That is why we support note-taking – a record for all to see that does not identify individuals. Additionally, we have heard people concerned about retribution if they speak honestly.”

Meeting Purpose
• to increase understanding of the conflicts among the different views
• to learn and practice civil discourse
• to identify individual and community wishes to result from this decision
• to provide some possible outcomes/solutions to the issues identified

1. Meeting Intentions & Introductions (5:00 PM)
• Facilitators introduction
• Session agreements – civil discourse
• Participant introductions
2. Individual Engagement Activity (5:15 PM)
• Highest and best self
3. Small Group Activity – Wish List (5:30 PM)
• What do you want, personally, to get out of this meeting? (I wish…..)
• What do you want the group to take away? (Wouldn’t it be great if……)
4. Break (6:00 PM) – 10 minutes
5. Story-telling and Problem-Solving Scenarios (6:10 PM)
• Story-telling – small group discussion using scenarios that depict challenges with
similar topics (i.e. domestic violence, inclusivity, gender equity, safety, hiring
practices, governance, mental health, leadership, healing, trauma awareness, etc.)
• Problem-Solving – small group presentations on possible solutions, ideas, and ways
to address the challenges related to scenarios
6. Next Steps & Closing (6:50 PM)
• Solution development
• Activity: How are you leaving this meeting?
7. Adjourn (7:00 PM)

Additional information about the forum is provided in this document from the facilitators.