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On the morning of Saturday, June 19, as part of the land-based FIBArk events, upwards of 30 kids ages two to ten years old ran laps around Thonoff park, tiring themselves and their parents out.

Little ones get into the FIBArk land race fun. Photo by Maddie Porter

Event organizer Ryan Wiegman aimed for everyone to run six laps, but said it was really up to the participants.

Five-year-old Norah Coombe pushed herself to the limits and ran five laps for her five years. She stopped for only a few water breaks.

A friend of Norah, Reid Stearns, age three, set his sights high completing four laps on his little legs.

Eleven-year-old Riglee and six-year-old Tatum Thomas, visitors who had come all the way from Arkansas, took it upon themselves to be immersed in FIBArk, and not just watch but compete in the events.

When asked what her favorite part was, Riglee wisely said, “the last part.”

Across the park, parents and children cheered for their friends and family, generating high spirits and fun running.