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Sunday closed out the FIBArk festivities with the Down River Race in the morning. As FIBArk’s signature whitewater event, the Downriver Race is the longest, oldest, most prestigious, and possibly the toughest race in North America.

Participants just about to finish the Down River competition after a grueling 26-mile journey. Image by Brooke Gilmore.

Downriver Race

The Downriver Race is an athletic marvel and continues to be one of the most respected (maybe even feared) whitewater races. Competitors negotiate Class III-IV rapids that would be challenging to a well-rested boater.

Add the fatigue of paddling at “race pace” for 26 miles and one can start to understand the difficulty of this event. Spectators watch from Ruby Mountain AHRA site, Seidel’s Suckhole, Stone Bridge AHRA site, Big Bend AHRA site, or “live” at the Salida Whitewater Park where the races finishes.

Clifford the Mutt was the winner of the Crazy River Dog Competition. Image by Brooke Gilmore.

Crazy River Dog Race

Sunday also saw the Crazy River Dog event where dogs and their owners celebrate our fearless, dedicated pooches as they retrieve items from the roaring Arkansas River.

The brave and ap apparently fearless canine finalists included:

  • First Place went to Clifford the mixed breed
  • Second Place was Tallulah the Super Mutt
  • Third Place went to Dalvik the Golden retriever
  • Fourth Place was earned by Henry the Shepard

SUP Boxing World Boxing Championships

The weekend wrapped up with the SUP Boxing World Boxing Championships. A giant stand-up paddleboard, oversized boxing gloves, and a raging river make this competition a sight to behold.

Competitors work to stay upright on the giant SUP. Image by Brooke Gilmore.

Competitors battled mid-river wearing 25-pound boxing gloves and tried to maintain their balance while doing their best to knock their competition into the river. The event was created at FIBArk by Patrick Pane.

Sunday river activities were accompanied by free live music at Riverside Park where community members gathered to reminisce about this year’s FIBArk. After a short (pandemic) break in 2020, FIBArk is back and better than ever.

To view all the results when they are posted, click here. FIBArk is still in the process of uploading and finalizing the results of each event. Those interested in scores are encouraged to check back often.

Featured image: Participants just about to finish the Down River competition after a grueling 26-mile journey. Image by Brooke Gilmore.