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It can be difficult for those with visual impairment to get out into the great outdoors. Which is what makes an event coming up this weekend so special.

On Saturday, August 28, Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) will empower a team of ten blind/visually impaired individuals to summit a 12,456 foot peak. The hike, which will be done in partnership with No Barriers USA, will take place at Keystone in Arapahoe Basin, Colorado. Hikers ages 20-70 will come from across the state, and their ability and hiking experience is as different as their stories.

While the mountain that will be climbed for the AINC event is not quite as high as the Collegiate Peaks. they should prove to be a thrilling adventure for the blind/visually impaired hikers . Photo courtesy of Central Colorado Conservancy.

They will be supported by ten specially trained sighted guides, including AINC staff, who will offer support ranging from vocal cues to sighted guiding as they summit.

This marks the first-ever such event hosted by Audio Information Network of Colorado, but the inspiration for the event comes from this year’s 20th anniversary of Erik Weihenmayer’s summit of Everest – the first blind person to ever achieve the feat.

AINC is able to put on this special event due to the generosity of sponsors and individual donors. The event is completely free to the blind/visually impaired hikers and helps AINC to reach its mission: to empower individuals to be self-sufficient, connected to the community, and continuously learning.

For some, this will be their first opportunity to summit a mountain. For others, it marks a return to a passion after losing vision. Each hiker has his or her own motivation, whether it’s because “On a mountain, my blindness fades away,” or “To be active and reconnect with people,” Or, even because “I want to be part of such a great adventure.”

To learn more about the hike or to  explore how to support to AINC, go to or call 303-786-7777