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Poncha Springs has confirmed that it will hold an election for the 2022 open Board of Trustees positions this year. The election is scheduled for April 5, 2022. Four people returned candidate packets for the three available trustee seats; each trustee seat is a four-year term.

Poncha Springs Town Hall sign (Photo by Jan Wondra)

The four candidates for the Poncha Springs Board of Trustees are:

Evalyn Parks
Darryl Wilson
Adrian Quintana
Katherine Davis

“It’s good to see that we’ve got more candidates than seats,” said Town Administrator Brian Berger. “We canceled the last election (in 2020) because we had the same number of candidates as we had open trustee seats. So this is good … it’s good to see more people interested in contributing to the board.”

Poncha Springs does not have established voting districts. All residents vote on all candidates for the town leadership positions up for election. In this year’s election, they will be asked to pick three of the four declared candidates.

The last election set for April 7, 2020, was canceled because there was exactly the same number of candidates as open seats, and only one candidate for mayor.

The town executed a resolution declaring that the candidates be sworn into office on April 27, 2020, all serving four-year terms.

Current Mayor Ben Scanga will not be up for election until 2024. Three trustees elected to serve in 2020, will continue to serve:

Tina Perri-Mundy
John-David Longwell
Dean R. Edwards

Poncha Springs Deputy Clerk Janine Bertram is in charge of coordinating the election.

Ark Valley Voice will begin introducing our readers to each of the candidates in the next few weeks.