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The Future of Colorado Water: Scarcity and Opportunity

A free, statewide webinar is set for 8:00 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 18 aptly titled: The Future of Colorado Water.

The Colorado River Basin. Image courtesy of Mission 2012: Clean Water

As the state and the West face depleted reservoirs, drought, and a drier Climate, water scarcity is a growing reality.  The Colorado River Basin states face a federal mandate to cut water use. The reservoirs providing water to the Lower Basin states are dropping precipitously, and conservation cooperation appears to be in limited supply as well.

As the Colorado River approaches a breaking point, the states relying on it are scrambling to secure water for their residents and industries. It will ask the question: is cooperation among the states off the table?

This webinar will discuss how Colorado is responding to the water crisis, including what options are on the table to secure Colorado’s needs.

See the Aug. 15  Ark Valley Voice news story on what’s at stake. (ADD LINK)

Follow this Zoom link to register for this free webinar