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Fremont County Commissioners approved Chaffee County resident Alison Brown’s request for a special use permit for Whitehorn Kennel, located at 2366 CR 2, Cânon City. Brown moved her American foxhounds there when her Chaffee County neighbors complained and sued her over the noise. The issue is currently at trial in District 11 Court in Salida.

“It’s been refreshing to work with Fremont County staff and officials,” said Brown. “They have been very fair – honest and transparent all throughout the process. Not once did I feel they were trying to change their rules simply to exclude me and my foxhounds.”

The 2-1 approval, with Fremont County Commissioner Dwayne McFall dissenting, was announced by the Fremont County Planning and Zoning Department.

“This is a public process, so we try to be as transparent as possible,” said Planning Director Matt Koch. “This is what our code says; it’s not about personal agendas. Our government puts out all the information. If people submit objection to an application, applicants need to know why, so they can in turn make their plans clear to us.”

Koch confirmed that the approval came with no contingency requirement other than to show a deed of ownership or lease allowing the use of the property. The remote parcel borders Bureau of Land Management land and national forest.

In early 2018, a noise complaint prompted Brown to move some of her American foxhounds from her property at 11600 Antelope Road in Salida to other locations. The conflict intensified after Chaffee County changed the Chaffee County Land Use Code by narrowing the scope of the Agricultural Land Use Conflict Resolution Program (Article 3: Right to Farm and Ranch) and limiting the number of dogs allowed on rural properties.

Approximately 25 of Brown’s foxhounds have been moved to the Fremont County parcel. Brown said the location is a satisfying summer location but will probably not be ideal for winter months.