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On Thursday, February 11, the Fremont County Department of Public Health and Environment (FCDPHE) unveiled their new COVID-19 vaccine online scheduling system. “Prep Mod” is a scheduling system being used throughout Colorado. This new system will allow eligible individuals to easily schedule appointments.

Image Courtesy of Fremont County.

“FCDPHE has been working for weeks to set up Prep Mod and provide this scheduling system to Fremont County residents,” said FCDPHE Public Health Director Kayla Marler. “Prep Mod will allow Fremont County residents to go online, fill out their personal information, sign proper COVID-19 vaccine consent forms, and select a date and time that best fits their schedule. I want to thank Fremont County residents for their support and patience while we make this transition to streamline COVID-19 vaccine scheduling.”

FCDPHE will contact individuals on the current COVID-19 vaccine wait list to direct them to schedule their appointments via the new system.

Fremont County residents who are eligible can click here to schedule their appointment for their vaccine.

If assistance is needed, please call 719-276-7450. Click here for Fremont’s up-to -date health dashboard.