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Full Circle Restorative Justice Builds Trust and Speeds Process with New Community Referral Program

Eric S. Lee, Executive Director of the four-county Full Circle Restorative Justice region. Image courtesy FCRJ

Full Circle Restorative Justice (FCRJ) Executive Director Eric S. Lee has reached out to the Chaffee County community, to re-establish and fortify relationships with key partners. According to the FCRJ Board, this has resulted in a new restorative justice initiative in partnership with Chaffee County police and sheriff’s department (law enforcement), the District Attorney’s (DA) office, and the Department of Human Services (DHS).

The program serves juveniles in Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, and Park counties. It receives referrals from the 11th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, some municipal courts and law enforcement.

A new streamlined process will create a more efficient and equitable administration of justice to Chaffee County youth. In most cases, this process will cut the former referral time down from months-long, to 24 hours.

Another feature of the program is the initial intake and assessment process which will be handled jointly between the Department of Human Services (DHS) and FCRJ. This process will ensure that participants are willing to accept responsibility and repair the harm caused by their actions. It will also serve to assess their need for additional mental health support and services and make the appropriate referrals.

Logo courtesy FCRJ

Executive Director Eric S. Lee who joined FCRJ last September, states he is “thrilled at this enormous opportunity to streamline the process to have a positive impact on the community.”

Save the Date: Saturday April 29 Community Open House

FCRJ is planning a Community Open House, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 29 at the Salida Community Center 305 F Street, to further connect Lee and FCRJ with the community and answer questions about Restorative Justice, FCRJ Diversion Program, or FCRJ Community Services Program which is another new initiative FCRJ is focusing on.

For more information, readers may call Eric S. Lee at 719-626-1374, or email