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Congratulations are in order for Kristina Pesch, who took off early Wednesday morning July 25, 2018 for her first solo flight, from a quiet Harriet Alexander Field.  When asked about her flight she said, “It’s about time, I started lessons over a year ago. It has been a lot of hours of training and I’m happy to be ready.”

Kristina says that she always wanted to learn to fly. She currently has friends that fly and receives a lot of encouragement from them. Kristina said that a year ago she decided the time seemed right to learn, so she contacted Bill Sample, a local flight instructor. A yeare later she can say proudly,  “I completed step one today and this opens up new opportunities for me.”

Zech Papp, manager of the airport, is also enthusiastic about seeing an increase in activity and interest at Harriet Alexander field. “The sky is the limit for any new aviator.”

Kristina says there is yet more to come with instrument training and says that a cross country flight is in her future.


Photos: by Sandy Hobbs

Kristina completing her first solo flight. Her proud instructor Bill standing by to congratulate her.

Wrapping up her flight by completing the log book.

Krsitina took her solo flight in this 2 seater plane built in 1963. The plane was built to fly at sea level. Due to the Colorado high altitude the plane can only carry 2 people and flies with about half of the fuel capacity.

Kristina with her flight instructor Bill Sample.