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Monday, December 30, Good Business Colorado put out a call to all Chaffee County business organizations and business owners to participate in and help spread the word about a survey. The survey will be used to help ensure the needs, concerns, and policy preferences of the small business community in Chaffee County are well represented at the State Capitol.

“As the  adage goes , if you aren’t at the table, you are on the menu,” said Chaffee County organizer for Good Business Colorado Corrine Fowler. We want to make sure Chaffee County is at the table when decisions are being made that will impact our community for generations to come”

Good Business Colorado Photo Courtesy of GBC

The survey questions ask business owners to identify the issues that are most important to them and include topics such as healthcare affordability, sales tax simplification, affordable housing and other issues that Good Business Colorado has consistently heard are of importance to members and nonmember businesses alike.

Good Business Colorado is asking business owners across the state to weigh in on the issues that impact their businesses and communities. It is particularly focused on ensuring communities outside Colorado’s Front Range are given ample opportunity and encouraged to participate in the survey.

“We know there is a tendency for the voices of business owners outside the FrontRange to get lost in the conversation, or not even be invited to talk in the first place,” said Good Business Colorado Executive Director Debra Brown. “We want to make sure that doesn’t happen in Chaffee County.”

The survey takes business owners no more than a couple of minutes to complete, and the information collected will play an important role in helping Good Business Colorado understand what matters to the Chaffee County business community.

The survey can be completed online by visiting this link: Good Business Colorado 2020: Legislative Priorities Survey