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The 2020 Census begins in a few weeks. According to the organization Good Business Colorado (GBC), Communcty participation in the upcoming 2020 Census is important for many reasons, not the least of which is the use of this data for business decisions made by businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to small businesses. The organization is offering ten idea for making sure employees, customers, and fellow community members are counted in the upcoming 2020 Census.

According to GBC’s member of the Complete Count Committee Business and Nonprofit Subcommittee Debra Brown, the census drives the economy and the community benefits from a complete count of everyone who resides in Colorado through the use of data, dollars and democracy.

Community members benefit from  the census when that data is used for business decisions made about consumers, markets, or even potential products. In fact, chances are that the demographic data that drives many business decisions comes directly from the census or a third-party that uses census data.

According to the GBC, “Over $13 billion in federal funding and support is provided to Colorado based on Census data, which is equivalent to $2,300 per Coloradan counted. Much of this funding supports the infrastructure [businesses] depends on.” Census data also determines how many seats Colorado gets in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The group offers these ten ideas to businesses to help them ensure that employees, customers and community members are accounted for in the upcoming Census:

  1. Share information about the Census in business newsletters, on social media or in other company communications. A Social Media Guide PowerPoint is available for download, which includes custom content for businesses to use in efforts to promote the 2020 Census on Social Media. Click here to download the guide.
  2. Post information about the Census on business websites. Content such as including logos in 13 languages, web badges, artwork, flyers, videos, educational materials, tool kits, and more can be found on the Partners page of the Census Website.
  3. Businesses can talk with employees, customers, and personal contacts about the importance of participating in the Census and encourage them to talk about the census with their friends and family. Not sure what to say? Check out this Ready Nation Small Business Toolkit for ideas.
  4. Host an April 1st Census Day party to raise awareness for the Census and encourage people to participate. Providing incentives for customers who have filled out the Census with a discount is also a way to get them involved.
  5. Put up a Census poster in the business establishment or in a high traffic place in the community. The Colorado State Demography Office has developed a library of posters that can be downloaded and printed locally.
  6. Writing letters to the editor of local newsletters, newspapers and online digital media. As a GBC member, business leaders are influencers and media outlets love to publish content submitted by the business leaders in their communities. Fact sheets and draft media content can be found here.
  7.  Brick and mortar establishments can host a community event on the Census and the importance of participating is a great way to get new potential customers in the door. If businesses are interested in hosting a Census event, let Debra Brown know and she can support the effort.
  8. Businesses can help customers complete the Census by making WiFi available for people to complete the Census form. Businesses can put information about the Census on table tents, at the cash register, or even in bathroom stalls.
  9. Participate in a local complete count committee. To find the full list of Colorado Complete Count Committees click here.
  10. Other. If you are doing something else to increase the success of the 2020 Census please let the GBC know so we can share with the Complete Count Committee and other business owners.

Cover photo: Census Photo Courtesy of Public News Service