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Today was a busy schedule for Colorado Governor Jared Polis, as he signed 16  bills into law on Thursday. With the current legislative session more than half way over, the pace of legislative action has picked up.

While most of them were fairly self-explanatory, Polis made a point of personally addressing SB23-046 the average weekly wage paid leave benefit with a signing statement. He noted that current law specifies that a covered individual’s weekly paid family and medical leave benefit is determined based on the individual’s average weekly wage earned during the covered individual’s base period — or alternative base period from the job or jobs from which the covered individual is taking paid family and medical leave. This excludes from the calculation recent wages from previous jobs. The bill eliminates the limit on calculating the benefit based on the average weekly wage earned only from the job or jobs from which the individual is taking paid family and medical leave and calculates based on a person’s work history.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis enters the House of Representatives chamber to make his first State of the State address to a joint session of the Colorado Legislature Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Among the many bills that became law today:

  • SB23-015 Vehicle Value Protection Agreement – Senators Robert Rodriguez and Perry Will, Representatives Marc Snyder & Rick Taggart

  • SB23-023 CPR Training In High Schools – Representatives Richard Holtorf and Eliza Hamrick, Senators Janice Rich & Janice Marchman

  • SB23-046 Average Weekly Wage Paid Leave Benefits – Senator Faith Winter, Representative Monica Duran

  • SB23-051 Conforming Workforce Development Statutes – Senators Nick Hinrichsen and Tom Sullivan, Representatives David Ortiz & Meghan Lukens

  • SB23-073 Sunset EPIC Advisory Board – Representatives Dafna Michaelson Jenet and Matt Soper, Senators Kevin Van Winkle, Dominick Moreno

  • SB23-084 Full-time Employment For Higher Education Faculty – Representative Mary Young, Senators Janice Marchman and Julie Gonzales

  • SB23-095 Unlawfully Aiming Laser Device At Aircraft – Representatives Matt Soper &  Lindsey Daugherty, Senators Joann Ginal and Bob Gardner

  • SB23-100 Uniform Community Property Disposition At Death Act – Representative Marc Snyder, Senator Bob Gardner

  • SB23-048 Non-tenured Track Faculty – Representatives Judy Amabile and Eliza Hamrick – Senators Mark Baisley & Jeff Bridges

  • HB23-1014 Yield To Larger Vehicles In Roundabouts – Representative Andrew Boesenecker, Senators Faith Winter and Nick Hinrichsen

  • HB23-1021 Embargo And Destroy Marijuana – Representatives Marc Snyder and Ron Weinberg, Senators Kevin Van Winkle and Lisa Cutter

  • HB23-1051 Support For Rural Telecommunications Providers – Representatives Meghan Lukens & Richard Holtorf, Senators Dylan Roberts and Rod Pelton

  • HB23-1106 Fire And Police Pension Association Board’s Noncompounding Authorization – Representatives Gabe Evans &  Shannon Bird, Senators Chris Kolker and  Perry Will

  • HB23-1121 Repeal Of Infrequently Used Tax Expenditures – Representative Shannon Bird, Senators Chris Hansen and Larry Liston

  • HB23-1139 Modification Of Rural Counties Officer Salary Categories – Representative Matt Martinez, Senator Cleave Simpson

  • HB23-1145 Hearing Timelines Juveniles In Adult Facilities – Representatives Said Sharbini & Regina English, Senators Rhonda Fields and Tony Exum