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On Thursday, Governor Jared Polis delivered the 2022 State of the State address to the Colorado 73rd General Assembly, acknowledging the challenges of 2021 and laying out a resilient future for the state. His message focused on a path for the legislature to partner with him to help save Coloradans money, make our state more affordable, and keep our communities safe.

“This isn’t my Colorado or your Colorado, this is our Colorado – which is why we respond together, we heal together, we move forward together, and we succeed together. It’s why, in spite of all we have faced these past years, I count it the greatest honor of my life to serve as your Governor, and am hopeful as ever about the promise of our Colorado,” said Polis.

“It’s up to us to continue doing everything in our power to protect the way of life we cherish in our state. We have the opportunity to save Coloradans money and prepare us for the future. So let’s deliver,” Polis told state lawmakers and Coloradans today from the state capitol.

“Saving Coloradans money and keeping our state affordable is my top priority during this legislative session. Because it isn’t just dollars and cents back in Coloradan’s pockets, it’s about peace of mind for our families and that’s priceless,” said Polis, whose proposals included temporarily delaying the two cents per gallon climate initiative on gas purchases, signed into law a few months ago.

“I’m hopeful for the days ahead and relentlessly committed to moving Colorado forward by saving Coloradans money, improving affordability, and making Colorado a better place for everyone,” said the governor.

Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia (D-Pueblo) and Majority Leader Steve Fenberg (D-Boulder) released the following statements today after Governor Jared Polis delivered his State of the State Address:

“Governor Polis laid out a bold vision to move Colorado forward today, one that aligns closely with our priorities here in the Senate,” said Garcia. “We are lucky to have a partner in Governor Polis who understands the challenges facing folks across this state, and who knows what it takes to deliver real, lasting change. I look forward to working hand-in-hand with Governor Polis this session to keep more money in people’s wallets, take historic steps to improve public safety, and create a safer and healthier Colorado so that every family can thrive.”

“Today’s State of the State outlined a future that will not only help Coloradans get by, but one that will allow them to thrive,” said Fenberg. “As we get to work to create a more affordable Colorado and build safer, healthier communities across the state, I am encouraged to know that we have a partner in Governor Polis. I’m optimistic about the work ahead and all that we will be able to accomplish for the people of Colorado in partnership with the Governor’s office.”

For their part, Colorado Republicans, who are the minority in both houses, rolled out their agenda on the first day of the 2022 legislative session, which includes more than 40 bills. Their focus; rising crime, the state’s unaffordable cost of living, and in their words “its failing public school system.”

“This legislative package establishes our priorities for this session – the same priorities of most Coloradans,” said Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert, R-Parker. “Our state has become unaffordable, crime is spiking, and our government schools are in absolute disarray. It’s time to think outside the box, get creative, and find real solutions for the people of Colorado who are struggling.”

Watch the governor’s full speech here: