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Hope for some summer normalcy is in the air.

Your business may be open, community members are getting back to work, summer is here with the beautiful great outdoors, and students and youth are on the move!

THANK YOU, community members, employers and students for wearing those masks and helping our community get back on its feet.

Michelle Cunningham. Buena Vista School District School Counselor handing out lunches to students after COVID-19 shut down Chaffee County Schools. Photo by Jan Wondra

Beyond these early summer days loom the autumn “School Schedules.” What will they be? When? How? And even Where?

Be it known that heavy deliberation, direction, advice, and collaborative effort is going into creating these plans. Please get informed and involved.

Both Buena Vista and Salida School Districts have created surveys, held virtual meetings, and provided news articles with substantial information on general “Opening” plans, backup plans, and secondary “What if” plans. All updates can be found on each school district’s website respectively.

Do the public school schedules affect you, your family, your business, your employer, your private school, community activities, travel plans, etc.? Probably! How many scenarios does each of us prepare for?

Every student is different, and every family is different, not only as individuals but situationally.

Both school districts are working toward maximum in-class time for every student. Families, students and local businesses can prepare by being informed about the proposed school schedules coming out, how they are organized, and how they will be affected by possible COVID-19 outbreaks.

Most importantly, please continue to practice our local Public Health strategies of washing hands often, social distancing, and wearing facemasks when entering businesses to keep your child/student healthy while keeping your neighbors, classmates, and hopefully teammates safe as well. I’m encouraging all community members to tune in during these important early summer days to determine our best path back to the classroom this autumn.

Rusty Granzella

Chaffee County Commissioner